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Speech - Citizenship Ceremony

July 1, 2009

Speaking Notes – Mayor Fortin
Good morning everyone

This is a truly wonderful opportunity

– I am honoured to be here with you and to take part in this important ceremony

- to welcome you as new citizens to our country and our community

Canada is defined by our collection of identities, experiences, cultures and histories….

We pride ourselves on our diversity

…it is what makes our nation strong
Each of you here will add to the greatness and strength of this country

– you bring your own skills and talents, insights and experiences, customs and cultures

- all of which will enrich our collective well being –

ensuring that as a nation we continue to grow and learn and thrive

Today represents both the end of one journey – and the beginning of a new one

Each of you have faced challenges to get here today – each journey unique to you alone…..
But today we celebrate the achievement of your common goal

– to become Canadian citizens….

To be a citizen of this country is a real privilege – for all of us…….

and it is important that we remind ourselves of this and not take for granted the place we call home

Peace, order and good government

– it is what we expect from you, our newest citizens….and what you can expect from us, your government
Canada’s longstanding commitment to peace, equality, social justice and security sets us apart

….our collective values of fairness, acceptance and compassion bind us a nation and a family

Our family has grown today –

and we are made better for it……

On behalf of the City of Victoria and your fellow citizens – with a warm heart, I welcome you

And I wish you health, happiness and success is all aspects of life.


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